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Sandboarding Dubai

Sandboarding in Desert Safari Dubai

You may have heard of snowboarding before, but what about sandboarding? This desert equivalent of the popular winter sport is a must-try experience, especially if you’re travelling to Dubai

What is Sandboarding?

Sandboarding Dubai is an adaptation of this sport to the desert sands. Instead of the snow, sandboarding Dubai is done on the sand. Deserts have the perfect terrain for sandboarding Dubai with varying heights and slopes. Tall and steep dunes are the best for sandboarding Dubai. Stand on top of the dune, strap the board to your feet, and slide down to the bottom. Carving the sand is different than cutting the snow. If you are an expert, you can do some backflips in the air.

Sandboard vs. Snowboard

Although similar, sandboard Dubai is a little different from snowboard. Sand is a lot more abrasive than snow. Therefore, the board has to be more challenging. That also means the sandboard Dubai are a tad bit heavier than the latter.

What to wear for a sandboarding trip

Sand can get everywhere when you sandboard in Dubai. You might fall in the sand. So, keep your best clothes for some other day. For a sandboarding Dubai trip, you should rather wear something very casual and comfortable. Something you don’t mind getting soiled.High-top shoes are better than low-top ones. Desert sand does not give much traction when you walk. If you wear low-top shoes in the desert, you are sure to get a few pounds of sand inside your shoes, making it even more challenging to walk. And you will have to remove your shoes and get rid of the sand from time to time.Wearing open-toe shoes will prevent the sand from accumulating inside the boots. But no sandals. You cannot walk in sandals on the sand. Also, strapping your feet to the sandboard will be more comfortable if you have your shoes on.

Royal Desert safari tour offer sandboarding dubai in their package.

If you would like to go sandboarding Dubai, but aren’t sure what to expect, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive in, and start planning the perfect sandboarding Dubai experience. Sandboarding Dubai is one of the activities during the desert safari Dubai trip. With its unique desert landscape, Dubai is one of the best places in the world to try sandboarding. Enjoy a fun-filled morning surfing over sand dunes: join us for this unique sandboarding Dubai experience in the desert. Let the adventure begin! Royal Desert safari tours offer sandboarding Dubai in their package. 

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